Angel in the Making 实习天使 (TVB Drama DVD)

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Angel In-the-Making is a 2015 Hong Kong medical television drama created and produced by TVB, starring Tony Hung, Eliza Sam, Pal Sinn, Alice Chan, Elaine Yiu, Moon Lau and Jinny Ng as the main cast.

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Intern nurses must endure the difficult task they are faced with when they are under the supervision of the male nurse from hell.

Angel in the Making 实习天使 Trailer 精彩预告

Product Information
DVD: DVD-9 Dual Layer
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Number of Episodes: 25

Angel in the Making 实习天使 Synopsis 剧情简介

A batch of fresh nursing school graduates are assigned to complete an internship at a hospital. Among the group, Kei Lok, Tang Lai Chin, and Yu Yuet Ngoi are assigned to what is known as the “hell ward”, managed by registered nurse Yeung Chi Ming. Chi Ming, also known as “Death Ray”, is famous in the hospital for his strange personality and mysterious background. In charge of training the interns assigned to the “hell ward”, Chi Ming is extremely competent and has a rich history of work experience.

The group is faced with different challenges while simultaneously preparing for their final practical exam. Is “Death Ray” actually the angel or the devil? How will the interns escape from the monstrous grasp of their instructor while saving themselves and the lives of others?

善良乐天的祁乐(岑丽香饰)、男仔头邓励帧(刘佩玥饰)、工作懒散的汪佩仪(吴沚默饰)、骄傲自恋的俞玥爱(吴若希饰)、幽默风趣的陈拔萃(陈康健饰)、梦想做歌手的朱世勤(唐嘉麟饰),就读于同一所大学的护理学系,成为好朋友并组成TUNS 6,译为六名在医院兼职的护理系学生,实则意为学护的工作辛苦得活像吞屎吞尿。TUNS 6在大学最后一年被派往同一家医院实习。


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