Wild City 迷城 (DVD)


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Starring: 古天樂 Louis Koo, 余文樂 Shawn Yue, 張孝全 Joseph Chang , 佟麗婭 Tong Li Ya , 任达华 Simon Yam, 谢天华 Michael Tse, 李灿森 Sam Lee, 高捷 Jack Kao, 马浴柯 Marc Ma
Directed By: 林嶺東 Ringo Lam
Audio Tracks: Cantonese, Mandarin & Taiwanese (in parts)
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English

Rated: NC16
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: 3
Release Date: 2015
Production Year: 2015
Running Time: Approx. 102 mins
No. of Disc: 1 DVD

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危险人物 全民通辑
每个人都有个价 金钱都市里求存

Synopsis 剧情简介

酒吧老板民(古天乐 饰)把醉女酒客云(佟丽娅 饰)送回家时云见到男友George(谢天华 饰)竟拼命挣扎,哀求民带走她。翌日,云请求民和其弟聪(余文乐 饰)帮忙向George取回证件欲离开香港,民聪答应相助,期间却遭黑帮(张孝全 饰)埋伏,三人只好一同逃命。


In the spirit of City on Fire and Full Alert, Lam’s latest Canto-noir finds unsuspecting bystanders caught in a tangled web of and greed and betrayal, their growing anxieties punctuated with sudden bursts of violence.

When former cop-turned-bar owner T-man Kwok (Louis KOO) befriends a drunken woman at closing hours (TONG Liya), they soon find themselves targeted both by her former lover-a high-powered Hong Kong attorney-and the thugs (CHANG Hsiao-Chuan) he employs. Once Kwok’s underachieving half-brother (Shawn YUE) and a suitcase full of tainted cash enter the picture, the chase turns deadly, with the brothers’ tense family history coming to the surface as Kwok finds himself torn between the triads and his former police colleagues.

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