With or Without You 東坡家事 (TVB Drama DVD)

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Starring: 歐陽震華 Bobby Au-Yeung、萬綺雯 Joey Meng、王浩信 Vincent Wong、黃心穎 Jacqueline Wong、 陳煒 Alice Chan、楊詩敏 Harriet Yeung、馬賽 Sire Ma、單立文 Sinn Lap Man
Directed by: 黃偉聲 Wong Wai Sing
Total Episodes: 1-30 (Complete Set)
Audio Tracks: Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: PG
Studio: TVBI
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 2015
Production Year: 2015
Running Time: Approx. 45 mins per episode
No. of Disc: 6 DVDs 

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Synopsis 剧情简介


SU DONGPO (Bobby Au Yeung), a pre-eminent sholar jof the Song dynasty, turns a blind eye to his sister-in-law, WANG RUNZHI’s (Joey Meng) love and proactive pursuit because he still cannot get over his late wife. But, as a gastronome, he is thoroughly impressed by RUNZHI’s extraordinary culinary skills and her signature dish “Braised Pork Belly”. The pair thus tie the knot. Thinking that he is going to live happily ever after, DUNGOP is instead overwhelmingly befuddled by all sorts of family problems! He not only worries that SU XIAOMEI (Jacqueline Wong) is going to be deceived by QIN SHAOYOU (Vincent Wong), a romantic gifted scholar, but also is concerned that SU DAMEI (Harriet Yeung) cannot accept his stepmother, constantly making a big fuss over it. Apart from family issues, DONGPO is also facing tons of bureaucratic infighting while striving to our wit his opposition, the Chancellor WANG ANSHI (Pal Sinn), without knowing that he has been involuntarily involved in the plot that a Liao spy, QIN CAO (Sire Ma), schemed to jeopardize the Song dynasty. Qin Cao sows discord between the couple, shortly afterwards, RUNZHI disappears into thin air….

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