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總監製 : 劉家豪
監製 : 陳志江
導演 : 張乾文 管國偉 何嘉華 張伯仁
演員 : 馬國明 林夏薇 張頴康 黃嘉樂 丁子朗 何依婷 容天佑
Audio: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese , English
Release Date: 1/6/2023
Rated: PG13
Number of Episodes: 25
Number of Disc: 5 DVD

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Synopsis 剧情简介


Kam Bing-shun (Kenneth Ma) is a top law student. However, due to a miscarriage of justice, he decides to follow the path to becoming a Legal Executive. By means of his diplomatic and tactful approach, Bing-shun gradually builds his own brand, Adviser Kam. The law firm where Adviser Kam works abruptly faces the prospect of closing down. He uses networking to defuse the situation. He is also invited by lawyers Tin Yau-ka (Lam Ha Mei) and Yu Kwok-tung (Stephen Wong) to join their team. Moreover, he collaborates with legal counsel Ma Wai-hung (Jonathan Cheung) in forming the new Super CP in the legal profession with the aim of unraveling all kinds of complex cases. And then Adviser Kam astonishingly again ends up standing in the dock as the accused. Even though Adviser Kam has the full support of his three buddies, he still has no advantage in the courtroom. After all, can Adviser Kam and his legal team turn the tables in the legal battle, continue to speak the language of law and stand up for justice?


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