Love as a Predatory Affair 爱情食物链 (TVB Drama DVD)

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The drama is an indirect spin-off of Kitty Yuen and King Kong Lee’s popular reality food tour variety series Neighborhood Gourmet, which has spanned 3 series to date.


They say love is like a food chain. Having beauty and wealth is exactly like being on top of the hill—they are the most desirable, the most suitable, and the most likely to find a life partner. But should love be defined by materialism and physical appearances?

Love as a Predatory Affair 爱情食物链 Trailer 精彩预告

Product Information
DVD: DVD-9 Dual Layer
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Number of Episodes: 21

Love as a Predatory Affair 爱情食物链 Synopsis 剧情简介

Lo Kwai-fong (Kitty Yuen) is an average, short, thirty-something year-old food supplier agent who is completely inexperienced when it comes to love. But after helping the young restauranteur Lau Pak-yip (Jason Chan) and saving his business, the handsome businessman begins to appreciate Kwai-fong’s inner beauty and falls in love with her.

But Kwai-fong’s neighbor and close friend, the beautiful Ko Kwai-fun (Samantha Ko), is not very pleased to find out about her friend’s new relationship. No matter what she does, she cannot seem to get Pak-yip to bat an eyelash at her. However, she does end up catching the attention of Taiwanese Ta-a noodles specialist Hung Hsien (King Kong), who is willing to do just about anything for her.



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