Lord Of Shanghai 梟雄 (TVB Drama DVD)

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Starring: 黃秋生 (Anthony Wong), 湯鎮業 (Kenneth Tong), 黎耀祥 (Wayne Lai), 馬國明 (Kenneth Ma), 胡杏兒 (Myolie Wu), 蘇玉華 (Louisa So), 吳卓羲 (Ron Ng), 陳煒 (Alice Chan)
Language:  Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 2015
Disc format: NTSC
Running Time: Approx. 45 mins per episode
Number of episodes: 1-32 (Complete Set)
Number of discs: 6 DVDs

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Synopsis 剧情简介

KIU NGO-IN (Kenneth Ma) is an impetuous young man who ventures out alone into Shanghai, a bustling metropolis full of opportunities, where he and KUNG SIU-SHAN (Wayne Lai), a local bully on the docks, become sworn brothers, joining forces to battle their way up to the top of the social ladders. Quick-witted NGO-TIN soon gains recognition from CHAK KAM-TONG (Kent Tong), the most influential figure on both sides of the law, who entrusts NGO-TIN with an important mission, scheming to seize control of the opium trade that he has been longing for. Taking advantage of SIU-SHAN’s warlord power, NGO-TIN manages to accomplish the task. Time flies, and a new government is formed. With the business that NGO-TIN (Anthony Wong), KAM-TONG and Siu-Shan jointly invested continuing to expand, the three of them are riding high, becoming the big three tycoons in Shanghai. However, the three keep competing against each other for the ultimate supremacy. Though NGO-TIN is standing on the summit of his power, he is still unable to win the famous Peking Opera artist. KOO SIU-LAU’s (Myolie Wu) heart, leaving him no other choice but to shift his focus to court another artist called CHO YUET-LAN (Louisa So). The pair later tie the knot. Meanwhile, behind the city’s prosperous façade lurks the menace as Japan is planning a full-scale invasion of China. In time of turmoil, union leader MO Kwun-CHIU (Pierre Ngo) defies the invaders for the people, which deeply impresses NGO-TIN. After the July 7 incident, NGO-TIN contributes money and resources to support his own country in its fight against Japan’s invasion. Driven by the situation. SIU-SHAN and NGO-TIN go their separate ways, and eventually SIU-SHAN’s traitorous activities result in their brotherhood breakdown. Having gone through the victory over the Japanese invasion and the revolution, from nobody to somebody, NGO-TIN, the once-formidable Lord of Shanghai, ends up being double-crossed by his protégé LAI SIU-HONG (Ron Ng). Being vilified as a traitor, NGO-TIN has to give up everything and abscond to Hong Kong, quietly living a simple life….

年少气盛的乔傲天 (马国明) 只身闯荡风云际会的上海滩,与码头恶霸龚啸山 (黎耀祥) 结拜,合力以拳头打江山,傲天的机智聪明迅得黑白两道头号人物翟金棠 (汤镇业) 赏识,金棠对傲天委以重任,设局抢夺觊觎已久的鸦片生意,傲天挟啸山军阀之势完成大任。时光飞逝,新政府上任,傲天 (黄秋生) 联合金棠和啸山合组的公司版图不断扩张,成为上海最有权力的三大亨,但三人却为第一大亨之名争斗不休,傲天虽然事业如日方中,却得不到京剧名旦顾小楼 (胡杏儿) 的爱意,只好寄情另一花旦曹月兰 (苏玉华),及后更成为夫妻。其时,歌舞升平的上海危机四伏,日本部署侵华,工会领袖毛冠潮 (敖嘉年) 为民抗命,令傲天深受感动,七七事变爆发,傲天出钱出力救国救民,时势使然啸山与他渐行渐远,竟走上卖国之路引致兄弟决裂。历经抗战胜利和上海解放,由寂寂无闻的小子一跃而成上海一代枭雄的傲天,最后被心腹门生黎兆匡 (吴卓羲) 背叛诬蔑为汉奸,只好放弃一切避走香港,回归平淡……

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