LAMP LORE 宝莲灯 1986 (TVB Drama DVD)

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主演: 汪明荃 / 任达华 / 杨盼盼
导演: 陈龙生
Audio: Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese
Release Date: 15/06/2024
Rated: PG
Number of Episodes: 9
Number of Disc: 3 DVD

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Synopsis 剧情简介

经典神话故事寓意深远感人肺腑!天地初开,大魔神(秦沛)被玉皇大帝逐出宇宙,怀恨在心,遂收买天宫瑶池仙子(杨盼盼),大举进攻天庭。众仙不敌,危急之际,华山圣母(汪明荃)以天地间至高无上的宝物宝莲灯大败群魔,力挽狂澜。 宝莲灯渐趋熄灭,圣母遂闭关重炼宝莲灯。大魔神为歼灭圣母,派遣瑶池返回五百年前,消灭圣母的前身莲花仙子(汪明荃分饰)。莲花原为剧团团员,与兄杨戬(卢海鹏)相依为命,后遇上痴情书生刘彦昌(任达华)并相恋,因此放弃了修炼成仙的机会。 大魔神最终亲自下凡,用魔法将莲花压于华山之下。圣母知道自己前身遭遇危险,派遣华山童子化为?花之子沉香下凡解救。沉香得仙人指引,上华山寻得仙斧劈山救母……

The Demon King is defeated by the Holy Mother and exiled from the universe. The Holy Mother retreats to refine her magical lamp. The Demon King later sends his minions to destroy the Holy Mother’s predecessor, the Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen falls in love with Yan-chang and gives up her immortality. The Demon King traps her, but her son, Chen-hsiang, uses an enchanted axe to rescue her from under a mountain.

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