Hong Hoon 尸像馆


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Main cast:
Ananda Everingham as Nop
Rattanarat Aurthaveekul as Ploy

Director: Kulp Kaljareuk

Genre: Horror | Thriller | Mystery
Audio Tracks: Thai
Subtitle: Chinese / English 
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 31/03/16
Running Time: Approx. 96 min

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Hong Hoon 尸像馆 Synopsis

HONG HOON, which means “the wax figures’ room” in Thai, is a tale that grew from superstition and age-old beliefs that figures should never be created until one has passed away.                                                                                                                                          The death of Ploy’s father seemed like an accident at the archery range until a mysterious man, Nop, shows up to insist otherwise; it was because  her father got a figure of himself made. A suspicious character with a remorseful past of his own, Ploy disregards Nop’s warning, until more of her relatives pass away following the same accidental circumstances. No longer able to ignore this incredulous heed, Ploy hurries to find the person behind this sinister craft. As Ploy and Nop dig deeper, what surfaces are shocking family revelations and disturbing photographs that leave her with one question: will this enthralling yet dark art cause everyone’s untimely demise?

Hong hoon 在泰语的意思是蜡人馆。布莱的父亲在射击㘯內练习时被箭射死,所有的人都认为是意外。但有个神秘人物“诺”告诉布莱他父亲的死亡是因为他漠视古老传说中只有过世的人才能让人为他塑蜡象. 当父亲的蜡象做好的那天也就是他的死期。起初布莱没把诺的话放在心上。但隨后身边的亲戚朋友一个个“意外”身亡,而且一个个死亡的亲戚都被人说服去打造自己的蜡像。在布莱与诺合力寻找杀人事件的黑暗推手时,一件件不可思议的事情接蹱而来……

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