Long Long Time Ago 我们的故事 (Singapore Movie Blu-ray)


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Starring: Aileen Tan 陈丽贞, Mark Lee 李国煌, Wang Lei 王雷, Suhaimi Yusof, Ryan Lian 廖永谊, Benjamin Josiah Tan 陈俊铭, Yan Li Xuan 袁俪轩, Ng Suan Loi 黄䃠蕊, Charmaine Sei 薛素丽
Directed By: 梁智強 Jack Neo
Audio Tracks: DTS-HD MA 5.1 Mandarin

Subtitles: English, Chinese
Rated: PG13
Studio: MM2 Entertainment
Media Format: Blu-ray
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 16 October 2021
Production Year: 2016
Running Time: Approx. 111 mins
No. of Disc: 1 Blu-ray

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Synopsis 剧情简介

《我們的故事》講述1965年到70年代初期之間,一個大家庭從甘榜搬到政府組屋的生活變遷,反映新加坡建國初期的城市發展為老百姓所帶來的苦與樂。 1965年8月9日,新加坡宣布獨立當天,故事主角招弟 (陳麗貞 飾)帶著3個女兒被逐出夫家。懷有身孕的她在當天誕下了一對龍鳳胎,女兒臉上的兩顆痣,被認為會為家人帶來厄運,而遭嫌棄。在家中長輩施壓之下,招弟無奈把女兒送予別人撫養。招弟憑著一股不向逆境低頭的精神,克服了生活中面對的種種困難,逐漸改善了一家人的生活。同時也見證了新加坡時代的變遷,伴隨著這個新興國家一同成長。

LONG LONG TIME AGO tells a story from 1965 to early 1970s, following the protagonist of the story, Zhao Di (plays by Aileen Tan), and her family as they journey through the years from Kampong to HDB, which parallels with Singapore’s early growth as a nation. With Zhao Di’s indomitable spirit, and with the help of her family, they went through adversities, witnessed the changes through the years, and accompanied every step of the nation’s growth in its early years.

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