Crescendo 起飞 (Singapore Drama DVD)

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Starring: 李銘順 (Christopher Lee), 鄭斌輝 (Tay Ping Hui), 林明倫 (Darren Lim), 鄭秀珍 (Jacelyn Tay), 郭舒賢 (Ann Kok), 許美珍 (Cynthia Koh)
Language:  Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: PG
Release Date: 2015
Disc format: NTSC
Number of episodes: 30
Number of discs: 5 DVD-9

Crescendo 起飞 Synopsis

八十年代后期,三位热爱新谣的高中生毅伟(李铭顺饰)、楚帆(郑斌辉饰)和大卫(林明伦饰)组成了新谣小组 “起飞”。后来陆续加入了雅芳(许美珍饰)与美玲(郑秀珍饰)。当时,楚帆与雅芳成为恋人,毅伟暗恋雅芳,而美玲则喜欢楚帆。后来,楚帆娶了美玲、毅伟娶了雅芳。不过几年后,楚帆和美玲选择离婚。时至今日,他们三人创立的 “起飞” 唱片公司已是颇具规模的唱片公司;楚帆是公司的创意总监,而毅伟则是CEO。每当他们工作意见不合时,大卫就会充当二人的化解桥梁。不幸的,面对竞争与转型的压力,“起飞” 面对营运与财务危机。这时,楚帆的前妻,美玲,告知三人自己代表的公司想要拓展事业到东南亚,看上起飞唱片的潜质,所以愿意注资,但前提是,她要占四成的股份。大卫和毅伟担心美玲是否另有所图,因过去与楚帆的恩怨而想要报复,但楚帆却觉不可能,因两人是和平分手,而且自己没对不起她。美玲为了取…

Yang Yiwei (Christopher Lee), Jiang Chufan (Tay Ping Hui) and David Law (Darren Lim) knew each other since Junior college days. They became buddies through their love for Xinyao. After graduation they started “Crescendo” a record company, and worked hard to groom new talents & promote local music to overseas market. Facing with tough financial situations, Yiwei as CEO is forced to collaborate with foreign parties, but face objections from Chufan. David is caught In between his two friends. The threesome turn against each other because of their differences in beliefs.

Through the eyes of Yiwel, Chu Fang & David, we see their struggles in entrepreneurship, in keeping a company afloat during challenging times, which is reflective of our current social environment. With the use of Xlnyao’s songs as a backdrop, the drama speaks of dreams and aspirations of the protagonists, and will evoke a lot of collective memories amongst us.

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