Happy Can Already! 欢喜就好 (Singapore Dialect Drama DVD)


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Happy Can Already! is a dialect variety series that sees the return of Liang Xi Mei and friends as they share useful tips and information to seniors in Singapore. Song performances can also be expected! This was the first non-Mandarin Chinese variety show to be produced on Channel 8 after a 30-year hiatus.



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别伤脑筋哟… 欢喜就好!

Happy Can Already! 欢喜就好 Trailer

Product Information
Starring: 梁志强 (Jack Neo), 李国煌 (Mark Lee), 程旭辉 (Henry Thia), 王雷 (Wang Lei), 陈俊铭  (Benjamin Tan), 赖宇涵 (Jaspers Lai), 蔡礼莲 (Chua Lee Lian)
Language: Dialect
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Release Date: 2016
Disc format: NTSC 2.0 STEREO
Number of Episodes: 10 (完整版)

Happy Can Already! 欢喜就好 Synopsis

Everybody’s favorite housewife, Liang Xi Mei, is back on screen! She along with some other memorable characters from “Comedy Night” will once again entertain the audience with their quirks and jokes. Other than being entertaining and nostalgic, this is a dialect variety series which will provide useful tips and information for senior citizens…

大家最喜爱的家庭主妇梁细妹回来了!她将会与 “搞笑行动” 的原班人马会再次把欢笑带给观众。这部综艺节目不但会勾起观众的美好回忆,也非常富有教育性。节目主持人将会以方言为年长的观众朋友提供重要的讯息。

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