Incredible Tales Series 4 (DVD)


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Starring: Utt Panichkul
Total Episodes: 1-13 (Complete Set)
Audio Tracks: English

Subtitles: Chinese
Studio: Mediacorp
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 2008
Production Year: 2004
Running Time: Approx. 22 mins per episode
No. of Disc: 2 DVDs


Synopsis 剧情简介

The successful supernatural series Incredible Tales return for a fourth season with the spookiest of tales from not just Singapore, but also neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and even from Down Under, Australia.

The world of the supernatural takes on a more important role to remind us of the world we live in. Obsessions are all too human – and sometimes, they can take on a deadly bent. As one reckless young man thinks he can control a banana tree spirit to do his bidding, another stalks a woman he’s fallen in love with after he dies. And then, there is the old grandfather who visits the living world in the seventh month after his departure, then refuses to release his grip after entering his grandson’s body. There’s even a timely reminder that no one can really get away with maid abuse – albeit in the consequences as evident here in one of the stories, what the employers besieged by black magic. Sometimes, even the most seemingly innocuous of tourist trinkets or antiques can bring one luck – or transform one’s life into nightmares. There’s more: possessions by late relatives, cannibalistic cults, drivers who can see lingering souls, spirits who hitch a ride and people who’ve cheated death…but have they really?

Fret not, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Host Utt continues to walk you through the scary scenes with his commentaries in all the episodes.

Ep1  The Jade Bracelet
Ep2 The Banana Tree Spirit (PG)
Ep3 The 7th Day
Ep4 The Stalker
Ep5 The Protective Father (PG)
Ep6 Eternal Love
Ep7 The Price of Beauty
Ep8 When the End Is Near (PG)
Ep9 The Promise
Ep10 The Passenger (PG)
Ep11 Old Woman’s Tales
Ep12 The Souvenir
Ep13 The Code of the Battaks (PG)

Narrated by Utt

Trailer 预告片

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