Doctor Romantic 浪漫医生金师傅 (Korean Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

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Doctor Romantic was a commercial hit and recorded over 29.0% in highest ratings. It received positive reviews for its plot and Han Suk-kyu’s excellent performance.


The drama has won the Best Director Award and 4 Nominations in the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards 2017 and it has received 11 Awards and Nominations in the 24th SBS Drama Awards. 


Product Information
Alternative Name: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim | Romantic Doctor Kim Sa Bu | Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo | 낭만닥터 김사부
Starring: Han Suk Kyu (韩石圭) | Yoo Yeon Seok (柳演锡) | Seo Hyun Jin (徐玄振)
Language: Korean | Mandarin
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Release Date: October 2017
Disc format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Number of episodes: 21
Number of dics: 5 High Definition DVDs | DVD-9


What could prompt a famous surgeon nicknamed the “Hand of God” to give it all up?

Doctor Romantic 浪漫医生金师傅 Synopsis

Boo Yong Joo (Han Suk Kyu) was once a famous surgeon at the peak of his career at a major hospital. But he suddenly gives it all up one day to live in seclusion and work as a neighborhood doctor in a small town. He now goes by “Teacher Kim” and refers to himself as the “Romantic Doctor.” Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) became a doctor to make something of himself after growing up poor, and he seeks out VIP patients to achieve the success that he desperately wants. Yoon Seo Jung (Seo Hyun Jin) is a passionate young surgeon who is haunted by a mistake from her past and tries to get over it. When Dong Joo and Seo Jung meet the quirky Teacher Kim, their lives and careers will never be the same again……

讲述想要赢了任何人的男医生姜东柱和想要从别人那里获得认可的女医生尹书静, 遇到怪才医生金师傅后, 领悟到真正的人生价值和爱情的人性故事。

In the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards 2017, this drama has won the Best Director Award as well as nominated for Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best New Actor Award.
In the 24th SBS Drama Awards 2016, Han Suk Kyu has received Grand Prize (Daesang) Award. Besides winning the Excellence Award for both Actor and Actress in a Genre Drama – Yoo Yeon Seok and Seo Hyun Jin, the drama has also won New Star Award, Top 10 Stars Awards, Best Couple Award, Idol Academy Award – Best Kiss and among 4 other nominations.

该剧斩获第24届SBS演技大赏的7个奖项和5个大奖入围,包括:SBS演技大赏-大赏 获奖者-韩石圭;SBS演技大赏-题材电视剧部门男子优秀演技奖 获奖者-柳演锡; SBS演技大赏-题材电视剧部门女子优秀演技奖 获奖者-徐玄振; SBS演技大赏-Best Couple奖 获奖者-柳演锡、徐玄振。同时也斩获第53届百想艺术大赏的最佳导演奖和4个大奖的入围。该剧的最高收视率为29.0%,是一部名副其实的国民剧!

Doctor Romantic 浪漫医生金师傅 3

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