Come with Me 性在有情 (TVB Drama DVD)

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Come with Me is a 2016 Hong Kong comedy drama starring Eddie Cheung, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong, Louis Yuen, Benz Hui, May Chan, Sammy Sum and Grace Wong as the main cast.

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Product Information
Alternative Name: Deadly Resurrection
Starring: Eddie Cheung (张兆辉) | Sharon Chan (陈敏之)
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Number of episodes: 20

Come with Me 性在有情 Synopsis

TVB’s 2016 series Come With Me frankly touches on realistic sex problems faced by modern couples. Social worker Mok Tai Hung (Eddie Cheung) and his wife Lam Ching Yi (Sharon Chan), a sex therapist, spend a lot of time helping others in their line of work, but they’re at a loss when it comes to their own private problems. As they live with three generations under one roof, the two don’t get much privacy and have to constantly put their sex life on hold. But they’re not the only ones with problems in the bedroom that are hard to voice out loud. Tai Hung’s shy neat freak sister Siu To (Elena Kong) and her sloppy middle-aged boyfriend (Louis Yuen), Ching Yi’s uncle Liu Chun Cheong (Hui Siu Hung) and his much younger wife (Siu Po), and Tai Hung’s friend To Tak Kei (Sammy Shum) and his sex-addicted girlfriend (Grace Wong) are all in need of some guidance and change. How will they open their minds and break taboos to confront their sexual crises?



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