Heartfall Arises 驚心破 (DVD)


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Starring: 谢霆锋 Nicholas Tse, 刘青云 Lau Ching Wan, 佟丽娅 Tong Li Ya, 范晓萱 Mavis Fan, 思漩 Christie Chen Si Xuan, 譚俊彥 Shaun Tam, 高伟光 Vengo Gao, 蔡瀚億 BabyJohn Choi, 雨僑 Ava Liu, 鄧萃雯 Sheren Tang, 李馨巧 Crystal Lee
Directed By: 吴品儒 Wu Pin Ru
Audio Tracks: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English

Rated: PG13
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 2016
Production Year: 2016
Running Time: Approx. 102 mins
No. of Disc: 1 DVD

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Synopsis 剧情简介


This is a provoking breath-taking mysterious thriller about two Chinese chess masters who have been entangled in several serial murder cases in relation to the effect of organ transplants. John Ma (Nicholas Tse) a Hong Kong brave cop, and Calvin Che (Sean Lau) a local criminal psychologist brought together are under the great threat and struggle to define all means evolved from the killings. Their final confrontation will not only uncover the lead behind the scene but also put numerous innocent people in great danger than it is ever known before.

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