我的如意狼君 Bottled Passion PREMIUM PACK TVB DRAMA DVD

Main cast: 周麗淇, 黃浩然, 陳山聰, 姚子羚, 龔嘉欣, 曹永廉, 胡諾言, 程可為, 陳秀珠, 郭峰 Director: 李添勝 Total Episodes: 31 Audio Tracks: Cantonese, Mandarin Subtitle: English, Chinese Rated: PG Studio: TVB Release Date: 06/12/2011 Production Year: 2011 Running Time: Approx. 1395 min (31 Episodes) No. of Disc: 6
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Technical Infomation

Format: NTSC

Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer

Video: Mpeg 2

Audio: Dolby Digital AC3

Audio Channels: 2

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Resolution: 720×480 px

Format: NTSC

Region code: All Countries

Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections

Mrs Ko, Tung Kwok Hing (Rebecca Chan) adopted an orphan and claimed he was Ko Yi Ho (Raymond Wong), the illegitimate child that her husband Ko Siu Tong (Samuel Kwok) had been searching for many years. Tong believed Ho was more suitable than his oldest son Ko Yi Tai (Joel Chan) to be his successor, which later led Mrs. Ko’s discontent. Eventually Ho was kicked out of the family, leaving him homeless. Living out alone, Ho got a taste of the bitterness in life and was determined to return home and take revenge on his adopted family under a different name Tung Bun Sin. Under his new identity, he vowed to give them a taste of losing their loved ones. Meanwhile he runs into the naive, trusting Tsui Sum (Niki Chow), who had just taken over her family business. Seeing an opportunity, Ho deceives Tsui Sum of her family business and all her familys’ money in order to get closer to the Ko family. However, old ties, secrets, and memories of a childhood sweetheart come back to haunt him. Eventually Ho embarks on a road that threatens the lives of all he holds dear, and the life of the only woman he’s ever loved.

高夫人董帼馨(陈秀珠饰)收养了一名孤儿并揘造他是高兆堂(郭峰饰)寻找多年的私生子高尔浩,兆堂认为尔浩比长子高尔泰(陈山聪饰)更适宜作继承人,惹来帼馨的不满,怒将尔浩逐出家门; 尔浩一个人颠沛流离,尝尽人间苦水,并决以虚假身份佟本善(黄浩然饰)回高家报仇,令他们一尝痛失亲情的滋味,共间他重遇儿时好友徐芯(周丽淇饰),本善觊觎她刚接管的家传酱油老店,不惜利用多年的友谊骗取她的金和心,又不择手段玩弄高家两位千金高尔乔(姚子羚饰)、高尔雅(龚嘉欣饰),成了一个机关算尽的爱情大骗子……

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