Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 无心法师 (TVB-Chinese Drama DVD)

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Wu Xin: The Monster Killer is a 2015 costume fantasy-supernatural Chinese drama based on Chinese author Ni Luo’s (尼罗) novel of the same title. The drama stars Elvis Han, Gina Jin, Ian Wang, Sebrina Chen, Zhang Ruoyun, Mike D. Angelo and Sui Yongliang as the main cast.
《无心法师》改编自作者尼罗同名作品的民国奇幻剧,由韩东君、金晨、张若昀、陈瑶、王彦霖、Mike、隋咏良等联袂主演。 该剧讲述了拥有不老不死之身的无心带领除邪团队,一路与恶人奸邪斗智斗勇,吃吃喝喝,谈情说爱的故事。

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Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 无心法师 Trailer 精彩预告

Product Information
DVD: DVD-9 Dual Layer
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Number of Episodes: 20

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 无心法师 Synopsis 剧情简介

After a long slumber Wu Xin (Elvis Han) wakes up during China’s new Republic era. He is a wandering immortal who lives a hungry and penniless life. He has no recollection of how long he has lived or how he came to be, but he has powers where he can sense the presence and communicate with spirits good and evil that still roam the living world. He pretends to be a monk to make a living.

During his latest slumber he wakes up next to Li Yue Ya (Gina Jin). She has just run away from home to escape a force marriage to an elderly man. Seeing how hungry Wu Xin looks she offers him her last bit of food. The two head to Wen County. To repay her act of kindness he follows her and promises that tonight the two will feast and have a place to stay. He uses his powers to search for evil spirits that intend to do harm to the living and rid them from the living world. Together the two set off pretending to be siblings to find whoever is in need of his services. At first Yue Ya does not believe Wu Xin and thinks he is a con artist until she assists him in his first job to rid an angry evil spirit residing at the local warlord’s home. As the two progress on their journey, friendship and then romance form between the two.

不老不死的法师无心(韩东君 饰)偶然遇到了逃婚出门的大姑娘月牙(金晨 饰),两人为了求生,搭伴去小军阀顾大人(王彦霖 饰)家中捉鬼,结果不慎触动机关,放出了封印百年的妖人岳绮罗(陈瑶 饰)。岳绮罗深爱无心,双方展开了残酷的争斗与追逐,最后岳绮罗设计害死了无心所爱的月牙,无心悲愤难言,拼死重新封印了岳绮罗,然后告别已成好友的顾大人,独自离去了。


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