The Fearless Duo 天师执位 (TVB Drama DVD9)


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Starring: 苗僑偉 (Michael Miu), 翁美玲 (Barbara Yung), 劉丹 (Lau Dan), 石堅 (Shih Kien), 蔣麗萍 (Lai Ping Chiang), 郭峰 (Kwok Fung), 黃造時 (Marylinn Wong), 劉青雲  (Sean Lau), 吳君如 (Sandra Ng)
Language:  Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 1984
Disc format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Number of episodes: 1-20 (Complete Set)
Number of discs: 5 DVDs

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The Fearless Duo 天师执位 Synopsis

Master CHEUNG (Lau Tan) gets injured after fighting with the cult leader SUEN CI (Shek Kin). He runs away and meets his future apprentice SZETO MAN MO (Miu Kiu Wai) as well as the government official’s daughter LAM CHOR YIN (Yung Mei Ling). MO is engaged to YIN but he is not devoted to her at all. Even though YIN loves him whole-heartedly, MO desert her on their wedding day. Soon after, MO falls into an actress FA YING FUNG (Chiang Lai Ping) by knowing nothing of her veil of deceit. After being hurt seriously by FUNG, MO realizes that YIN is his true love and he returns to her eventually. Unfortunately. YIN’s spirit is captured by CI on their wedding night. In order to rescue his wife, Mo starts practicing black magic but this leads to disastrous outcomes…

張天師(劉丹)與邪教魔頭宣慈(石坚)鬥法不敵後負傷逃去,結識了日後的徒兒司徒文武(苗僑偉)與官小姐林楚燕(翁美玲)︒文武與楚燕早有婚約,惜神女有心,襄王無夢,文武無視楚燕滿腔愛意,成親之日便狠心休妻,後更迷戀戲子花凝鳳(蔣麗萍),懵然不知其居心叵測︒ 患難見真情,歷盡情傷的文武終於浪子回頭,與楚燕心意想通︒惜好景不常,花燭之夜,楚燕元神為宣慈所奪,文武救妻心切,冒險修習心魔大法,卻惹來無窮後患……

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