The Tofu War 灿烂的外母 (TVB Drama DVD) Collector’s Edition

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《灿烂的外母》TVB的时装喜剧电视剧,故事以岳母与女婿的关系做背景,由薛家燕、黎诺懿及汤洛雯领衔主演,并由林嘉华、姚子羚及张颕康联合主演,编审蔡淑贤、汤健萍,监制欧耀兴。 此剧有部分艺人是同盟班底.

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王兆明 (黎諾懿 飾) 平時係威係勢,但為咗可以娶個好老婆司徒嵐 (湯洛雯 飾),可以去到幾盡?一場未來外母 (薛家燕 飾) 大戰準女婿戲碼即將上演!

Product Information
Rated: PG
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Number of episodes: 20
Number of dics: 4 DVD

Siu Sau King, who has served three generations at a century-old tofu factory, uses her position as general manager to protect her distant relative, Tou Wai Lung. It draws the ire of the heir, Dau Cheung. Coincidentally, his friend Wong Siu Ming lost his job and broke up with his girlfriend Gei Hiu Ying and is looking for a change. The two of them click instantly and decide to institute major reformsat the company. The new and old camps battle against each other day and night. Wong Siu Ming re-encounters his childhood friend Szeto Nam and vents about his problems to her. Their relationship grows quickly and they begin to think about marriage.

But it turns out Szeto Nam’s mother is Siu Sau King. Szeto Nam pretends to be depressed to force her mother to agree to her lightning marriage to Wong Siu Ming. But if seeing each other is hard, living together is even harder. After marriage, Wong Siu Ming faces extreme pressure at home and at work. He tries to play matchmaker for his mother-in-law and the tofu factory’s boss to deflect the line of fire. Unfortunately, it is a mismatch with many setbacks, leading to a series of jokes…



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