The King’s Face 王的面孔

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Main cast:
Seo In-guk
Jo Yoon-hee
Lee Sung-jae
Kim Gyu-ri
Shin Sung-rok

Director: Yoon Sung-sik & Cha Young-hoon

Total Episodes: 23
Genre: Historical period drama, Romance, Political
Audio Tracks: Mandarin & Korean
Subtitle: Chinese & English
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 26/11/15
Production Year: 2014
Running Time: Approx. 1380 min (23 Episodes)
No. of Disc: 6

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Technical Information

Format: NTSC
Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer
Video: Mpeg 2
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels: 2
Format: NTSC
Region code: All Countries
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections

The King’s Face 王的面孔 Synopsis

Born as a concubine’s child, Gwang Hae was proclaimed as an heir to the throne. Gwang Hae suffered from the threats of dethronement and assassination for 16 years because of his background. This drama is the epic of Prince Gwang Hae who used face-reading skills as his weapon to overcome his destiny and become the king. And there is a woman, beloved by both Gwang Hae and his father King Seon Jo, who denied himself to qualify for the throne. Because Prince Gwang Hae was able to read others’ faces, he succeeded to govern the Joseon Kingdom.

古时人们崇拜面相之术,宣祖(李成宰饰)被著名观相师断定不是当王的面相,侥幸得到王位后,便终日惶恐不安,对于子嗣更严加管束,特别是二儿子光海(徐仁国饰)。宣祖为了弥补自身不足之处,即使知道佳姬 (赵伦熙饰)是光海深爱的女子,仍要把拥有双龙相的她立为后妃。宣祖和光海父子之间的权力和爱情斗争就此展开。

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