Battleship Island DVD Packshot
Battleship Island DVD Packshot

The Battleship Island 军舰岛 군함도 (DVD)

The Battleship Island is a 2017 South Korean period action film starring Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki and Lee Jung-hyun. It is a Japanese occupation-era film about an attempted prison break from a forced labor camp on Hashima Island. Storyline: About a group of about 400 Korean workers who risk their lives to attempt an escape from Hashima, and the story of forced labor on the island.



Product Description


The Battleship Island 军舰岛 군함도 Trailer 精彩预告

Technical Information
Audio Tracks: Korean with some Japanese
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Release Date: 9-December-2017
Running Time: Approx. 133 mins
Number of Discs: 1 DVD

The Battleship Island 军舰岛 군함도 Synopsis 剧情简介

As World War II nears its end, the small island of Hashima (nicknamed “Battleship Island”) off the coast of Nagasaki is the site of a massive coal mine where 400 Koreans lead bleak lives as conscripted labourers. Tensions run high between the Japanese soldiers who maintain order with shocking cruelty and violence, and the Koreans from all walks of life who were tricked or forced into coming there. Then, just as the island’s dark secrets are revealed, the Koreans plot a dramatic escape.

韩国的一家酒店乐团团长李姜宇(黄晸玟 饰) 为了女儿(金秀安 饰)有较好的生活,在高薪诱骗下带着女儿前往日本长崎县的端岛工作,同样怀抱淘金梦的还有本是无敌打手的恶霸崔七星(苏志燮 饰),没想到竟然被骗到这个军舰岛的1,000米地底下当煤矿奴隶,过着非人的奴隶生活。独立军人领袖(宋仲基 饰),为了救走其韩国工人领袖尹学哲而潜入岛中,同时把岛上的400多名绝望矿工一起拯救出来,重获自由……



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