EASY FORTUNE HAPPY LIFE 福气又安康 (Taiwanese Drama DVD)

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Main cast:

Lan Cheng Long 蓝正龙 as Yan Da Feng 嚴大風
Chen Qiao En 陈乔恩 as Xie Fu An 謝福安
Roy Qiu 邱泽 as Han Dong Jie 韓東杰
Jocelyn Wang 王怡仁 as Jiang Zhen Zhen 江珍珍

Director: 刘俊杰

Total Episodes: 17

Genre: Romance, comedy

Audio Tracks: Mandarin

Subtitle: Chinese &  English

Rated: PG

Release Date: 01/02/10

Production Year: 2009

Running Time: Approx. 765 min (17 Episodes)

No. of Disc: 6

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Technical Information

Format: NTSC

Dvd: Dvd 5 Dual Layer

Video: Mpeg 2

Audio: Dolby Digital AC3

Audio Channels: 1

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Resolution: 720×480 px

Format: NTSC

Region code: All Countries

Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections

Yan Da Feng’s grandfather was a hunter who had been injured. He survivde because he was treated by Huang Chun Xiang, an herbalist who treated him with herbal medicine. He fell in love with her, and promised he would come back for her. Years passsed and Da Feng’s grandfather never did come to get Chun Xiang. Chun Xiang grew old, but never gave up. She still waited for him to come get her. Chun Xiang was also raising her daughter’s kids, Xie Fu An and Xie Pi Dan with their loyal dog Anthony. Xie Fu An also studied herbs. One day as she was treating patients in the local hospital. Da Feng’s grandfather was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack. Fu An gave him herbs which helped him regain consciousness. After he woke up, Fu An face looked very similar to Chun Xiang. He announced that he would give away his fortune to the one who marries Fu An. Da Fengs doesn’t like this and sends out a killer to end her (not knowing who Fu An is). Realizing that Fu An was the girl he met in the village, he agrees to marry her for the money. When Da Feng has feelings for Fu An, he regrets setting all his traps to send her away. With their feeling starting to grow, will Han Dong Jie and Jiang Zhen Zhen come in their way? Will Xie Fu An and Yan Da Feng be together for eternal love? Or will they separate their ways…

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