My Ages Apart 誇世代 (TVB Drama DVD) Collector’s Edition

My Ages Apart is a 2017 comedy drama produced by TVB starring Bobby Au-yeung, Moses Chan, Louis Cheung, Kristal Tin, Ali Lee and Maggie Shiu. 《夸世代》是一部香港无线时装商战、科幻、喜剧、恩仇电视剧,由欧阳震华、陈豪、张继聪、田蕊妮、李佳芯及邵美琪领衔主演,并由许绍雄、关礼杰、森美、江美仪、龚嘉欣及姜大卫联合主演。监制陈维冠。该剧制作费逾5000万港元。此剧为2017无线节目巡礼14部剧集之一、无线海外业务及简介2017所推介的17部剧集之一、2017年香港国际影视展16部剧集之一,亦为无线电视50周年4部台庆剧之一。该剧主要讲述宋仲基因一次坠机意外与包豹互换身体,与邝港生和刘行联手,兵分三路混入尚家的故事。于2017年11月6日在TVB首播,获得2017年度TVB万千星辉颁奖典礼最佳剧集奖。
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Product Information
DVD: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Release Date: 26 January 2018
Number of Episodes: 50
Number of Disc: 12 High Definition DVD


My Ages Apart 誇世代 Synopsis 剧情简介

Sung Chung Kei (Bobby Au-yeung) and his mentee Kwong Kong Sang (Moses Chan) are two major investment bankers. However, Kong Sang uses unscrupulous methods which caused tension between them. During a plane crash, Chung Kei accidentally switches his soul with Bau Pau (James Ng) using a face-off card and is forced to live with his aunt, Bau Mei Na (Maggie Shiu). He also suspects that his wife, Ling Kit Yu (Kristal Tin) is having an affair with Kong Sang. Chung Kei decides to work with Kong Sang to find his lost soul. Kong Sang teams up with Sheung Ho Yiu (Ali Lee) in order to take revenge on the Sheung family. Lau Hang (Louis Cheung) is also seeking revenge on behalf of his godfather. The trio then embark on a time-travelling revenge plot……


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