The Eternal Zero 永遠的0 (DVD)


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Starring: Junichi Okada 岡田 准一, Haruma Miura 三浦 春馬, Mao Inoue 井上 真央
Directed By: Takashi Yamazaki
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Chinese Traditional

Rated: PG
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: 3
Release Date: 2014
Production Year: 2013
Running Time: Approx. 144 mins
No. of Disc: 1 DVD

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A Story Of Love Bestowed, Across The Span Of 60 Years….

Synopsis 剧情简介

Based on the best-selling novel “The Eternal Zero”, the film tells the story of Kyuzo Miyabe, a “Zero” Fighter pilot who died in a lot minute Kamikaze mission in the final days of World War II.

Kentaro Saeki (Haruma Miura) has failed his bar exam again. Unsure of his way in life, he then learns at his grandmother’s funeral that his grandfather he thought of as a blood relative was none of the sort. His real grandfather, Kyuzo Miyabe (Junichi Okada), perished at the end of the World War II in last minute Kamikaze mission. Kentaro embarks on a search for th eidentity of his real grandfather. However, his visits to war veteran colleagues of his grandfather yield only the grim report that he was the biggest coward in the whole navy. It appears that despite being a matchless pilot, he was more focused on making it home than taking part in combat. His motivation turns out to have been the singular promise he made to his wife Matsuno (Mao Inoue) to return home to the family at any cost. The big mystery is then why such a man would volunteer for a Kamikaze mission?

太平洋戰爭尾聲,一架「神風特攻隊」的零式戰鬥機如惡夢般突破了美軍航空母艦強勁的火力網…駕駛這部戰機的飛行員宮部久藏(岡田准一 飾),是個擁有完美飛行技術的天才,卻他從來貪生怕死,被同袍斥責為海軍「頭號膽小鬼」的前飛行教官。六十年時光飛逝,佐伯健太郎(三浦春馬 飾)在外祖母的喪禮上得知,自己的親生外祖父原來另有其人,正正就是當年陣亡在海上的宮部。為此,健太郎與姊姊慶子逐一尋訪宮部當年的戰友,漸漸了解親祖父的為人和經歷 – 有人依舊批評他是「膽小鬼」,但真正與他出生入死過的人,卻讚揚他如何踐行且勸導戰友珍惜性命、守望家人。當死亡成為必然選擇時,宮部對妻子松乃(井上真央 飾)的愛、情義和承諾,卻以令人難以想象的方式延續下去,令人為之動容…

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