One Missed Call 鬼来电 (Japanese Movie DVD)


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Starring: 柴咲幸 Shibasaki Kō, 堤真一 Tsutsumi Shin’ichi, 吹石一惠 Fukiishi Kazue, 石橋蓮司 Ishibashi Renji, 永田杏奈 Yutaka Matsuchige, 岸谷五朗 Kishitani Goro
Directed By: 三池崇史 Takashi Miike
Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 Japanese, Thai
Subtitles: English, Chinese, Bahasa, Thai

Rated: NC16
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: 3
Release Date: 2004
Production Year: 2003
Running Time: Approx. 113 mins
No. of Disc: 1 DVD

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Synopsis 剧情简介


One day, Yumi’s (Kou Shibasaki) friend finds a weird voice message on her cell phone. The voice sounds like hers but it ends in a bone-chilling scream. The call apparently came from her own cell phone. It’s dated three days into the future. It’d be easy enough to dismiss as a prank call were it not for the fact that three days later, at the exact same time and with the exact same scream, the friend dies. The coincidences begin to pile up as the circle of cell phone death warnings, widens. Until one day, Yumis realizes that she’s also got one missed call!

Trailer 预告片

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