While You Were Sleeping 當你沉睡時 (Korean Drama DVD)

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Alternative Name: 당신이 잠든 사이에
Starring: Lee Jong-Suk (李鍾碩) | Bae Suzy (裵秀智) | Lee Sang-Yeob (李相燁) | Jung Hae-In (丁海寅)
Disc Format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Image Resolution: High Definition
Languages: Dolby Digital 5.1 Korean | Mandarin
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 27/2/2023
Number of Episodes: 16
Number of Dics: 4 DVDs

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A young woman with bad premonition dreams meets two people who suddenly develop the same ability… 一部科幻悬疑爱情的冠军韩剧


While You Were Sleeping 當你沉睡時 Trailer


While You Were Sleeping 當你沉睡時 Synopsis

Nam Hong Joo (Suzy) lives with her mother, Yoon Moon Sun (Hwang Young Hee), a widow who runs a small restaurant. Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk), a rookie prosecutor, and his younger brother, Seung Won (Shin Jae Ha), move in across the street. Since she was young, Hong Joo has had the ability to see bad events before they happen, but she is often unable to do anything about it.

One day, Jae Chan has a strange premonition dream about an accident involving Hong Joo and Lee Yoo Beom (Lee Sang Yeob), a ruthless attorney who used to be Jae Chan’s tutor. Jae Chan decides to interfere in the course of events and ends up saving the lives of Hong Joo and Han Woo Tak (Jung Hae In), a young police officer. When Jae Chan, Hong Joo and Woo Tak then start having dreams about one another, they realize that their lives are now somehow entwined.

But can the three discover the reason that they were brought together, and can they prevent the people closest to them from getting hurt?


While You Were Sleeping 當你沉睡時 01

WON 5 Big Awards at SBS Drama Awards 2017 荣获SBS演技大賞獎項

  • Best Supporting Actor- Kim Won-Hae (Mr. Choi)
    SBS演技大賞 男子助演獎 < 金元海 > 獲獎
  • Excellence in Acting Award- Lee Sang-Yeob (Lee Yu-Beom)
    SBS演技大賞 水木劇部門 男子優秀演技獎 < 李相燁 > 獲獎
  • Best Couple Award- Bae Suzy (Hong Joo) and Lee Jong-Suk (Jung Jae-Chan)
    SBS演技大賞 最佳情侶獎 < 李鍾碩&裴秀智 > 獲獎
  • Top Excellence in Acting (Male): Lee Jong-Suk (Jung Jae-Chan)
    SBS演技大賞 水木劇部門 男子最優秀演技獎 < 李鍾碩 > 獲獎
  • Top Excellence in Acting (Female): Bae Suzy (Nam Hong Joo)
    SBS演技大賞 水木劇部門 女子最優秀演技獎 < 裴秀智 > 獲獎


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