Angry Mom 憤怒的媽媽 (Korean Drama DVD)

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When Jo Gang-Ja attended high school, she was notorious for fighting. She gave birth to her daughter A-Ran (Kim You-Jung) in her late teens and became more responsible. Her daughter A-Ran is now a high school student, but A-Ran is bullied at school. Jo Gang-Ja decides to go back to high school to protect her daughter. Jo Gang-Ja becomes a high school student again. The screenplay was nominated for the excellence award at MBC’s Script Contest.

《愤怒的妈妈》是由韩国著名演员金喜善、曾主演《仁显王后的男人》的池贤宇和 《云画的月光》女主角金裕贞等主演。该剧主要讲述了曾是称霸釜山的大姐大出身的年轻妈妈为了拯救被学校暴力欺压的孩子们,进入高中校园后发生一系列故事的家庭青春喜剧。


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Technical Information

Format:  NTSC
DVD:  DVD-9 Dual Layer
Video:  Mpeg 2
Audio:  Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels:  2
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Region Code:  All Countries
Special Features:  Interactive Menus, Scene Selections
Release Date: 01-November-2016
Number of Discs: 4 DVDs
Number of Episodes: 16

Angry Mom 憤怒的媽媽 Synopsis 剧情简介

Cho Kang-ja (by Kim Hee-sun) was once legendary for being the toughest, most feared troublemaker at her Busan high school. When she gets pregnant in her late teens, she drops out of school and tries to become a responsible mother to her daughter. Oh Ah-ran (by Kim Yoo-jung). When Ah-ran befriends the class outcast, it makes her the target of the school bullies who make her life hell; yet she’s too proud to tell her mother what’s happening. When Kang-ja finds out that her daughter is getting bullied, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Unbeknownst to Ah-ran, she enrolls in her daughter’s high school as an undercover student with the false name “Jo Bang-wool” to teach those bullies a lesson. But she learns that there are bigger, darker problems within the educational system and Kang-ja makes it her mission to put a stop to the school violence, with the help of Ah-ran and naive, idealistic homeroom teacher Park No-ah (by Ji Hyun-woo).

赵强子(金喜善 饰)曾经是人见人怕称霸一方的不良少女,如今,早已经“金盆洗手”的她藏起了所有锋芒,成为了一名母亲。让赵强子没有想到的是,自己的女儿吴雅兰(金裕贞 饰)竟然成为了校园暴力的受害者,更让赵强子难过的是,当她鼓动女儿为自己讨回公道时,女儿竟然选择了沉默。从来不按常理出牌的赵强子想出了一计,就这样,她入驻了女儿的班级,成为了女儿的同班同学。 充满了冲突的校园生活就此拉开序幕,想要解决问题的赵强子自己却成为了最大的问题。在这里,赵强子需要面对的不仅仅是来自学生们的非议和压力,更在无意之中发现了学校财团那不可告人的秘密


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