All About My Mom 拜託妈妈 (Korean Drama DVD)

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Jin-Ae (Eugene) has a love and hate relationship with her mother San-Ok. She dreams of becoming independent from her family and especially from her mother. Jin-Ae falls in love with Hoon-Jae and marries him. Meanwhile, what awaits for Jin-Ae is her new mother-in-law. While experiencing difficult times with her mother-in-law, Jin-Ae begins to understand her mother San-Ok for the first time.


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Technical Information
Format:  NTSC
DVD:  DVD-9 Dual Layer
Video:  Mpeg 2
Audio:  Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels:  2
Language: Korean / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Region code:  All Countries
Special Features:  Interactive Menus, Scene Selections
Release Date: 07-October-16
Number of Discs: 12 DVDs
Number of Episodes: 54

All About My Mom 拜託妈妈 Synopsis 剧情简介

Sa Wol (by Baek Jin-Hee) grew up in the orphanage with her two best friends, Oh Wol and Hye Sang (by Park Se-Young). Oh Min Ho (by Park Sang-Won) comes to adopt Hye Sang, thinking she is his biological daughter. However, on the day the orphanage collapses, Hye Sang finds out the true daughter is Sa Wol. She traps the orphanage manager (her true father) and Oh Wol in the collapsing building and sighs in relief believing they have died. But when Sa Wol is also brought into her new family, she spends the next 25 years tormenting her and burying the truth. But as her web of lies grows, it becomes harder to maintain, and eventually two true friends and their families will be reunited.

《拜託妈妈》 讲述了山玉家的二女儿李真爱(柳真饰)在Traum时装公司担任代理一职,外人看来她是一个处变不惊的优雅美女,拥有绝对冷静的领导能力。然而真爱和妈妈林三玉(高斗心饰)的关系却极其紧张,她讨厌像妈妈一样生活,总想着能早日摆脱现在的处境。真爱与建筑师姜勋载(李尚禹饰)意外相遇,虽然两人的初见并不愉快,但却在相互了解的过程中相爱了,并很快走进了婚姻的殿堂。真爱正憧憬着美好的新生活,此时却惊讶的发现,婆婆黄英善(金美淑饰)竟比妈妈更让她头疼。


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