House of Bluebird 青鳥之家 (Korean Drama DVD)

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House of Bluebird addresses the differing inter-generational attitudes of Koreans towards work and the conflict between the desire to fulfill personal dreams and the need to make a living. It was nominated for several Excellence Awards in a Serial Drama in the 29th KBS Drama Awards. 《青鸟之家》讲述了经济不紧气的现实世界中,父母和子女之间发生的故事,以及母亲超越血缘的伟大的爱情。 将家族、成长、励志、感情等元素很好地融合在一起,不仅吸引了韩国观众追剧,同时引发了周边国家和地区的关注。该剧播出后取得了不错的收视率,男女主角的浪漫爱情也很令人心动。

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House of Bluebird 青鳥之家 (Bluebird’s House) Trailer 精彩预告
Technical Information
Format:  NTSC
DVD:  DVD-9 Dual Layer
Video:  Mpeg 2
Audio:  Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels:  2
Language: Korean / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Region code:  All Countries
Special Features:  Interactive Menus, Scene Selections
Release Date: 12-July-2016
Number of Episodes: 50
Number of Discs: 12 DVDs

House of Bluebird 青鳥之家 (Bluebird’s House) Synopsis 剧情简介

The scion of a formerly wealthy traditional land-owning family Kim Ji-wan grew up an orphan raised by his step-mother and grandmother when his father died and his family lost its fortune. To provide for his family Ji-wan swallows his pride and uses nepotism to join Nuga Global, a multi-national medical appliances company. Ji-wan is initially grateful when Jang Tae-soo, Nuga’s CEO and a friend of his late father, takes him under his wing. As the lives of Ji-wan’s family and that of Tae-soo cross again long hidden secrets, such as how Jiwan’s father died and came to lose his fortune, begin to unravel. Desperate to protect the business and reputation he has built Tae-soo uses a secret that Ji-wan’s stepmother has kept from Ji-wan and his grandmother.


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