Return to Sender


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Main cast:
Rosamund Pike as Miranda Wells

Shiloh Fernandez as William Finn
Nick Nolte as Mitchell Wells
Camryn Manheim as Nancy
Illeana Douglas as Judy
Billy Slaughter as Kevin

Director: Fouad Mikati

Genre: Drama | Thriller
Audio Tracks: English
Subtitle: English 

Rated: M18
Release Date: 11/03/16
Running Time: Approx. 96 min

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Return to Sender Synopsis

An attractive but lonely nurse (Academy Award nominee Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl, 2014) accepts a blind date setup by a co-worker and arranges for them to meet at her home. A stranger (Shiloh Fernandex, Evil Dead, 2013) arrives on her porch before the arranged time and she mistakes him for her blind date. The stranger rapes her and leaves her seriously traumatized. Her life falls apart and she enters depression. She learns much later he is in a prison an hour away and begins visiting him, first to confront him and her fears. Then she starts to flirt and her spirits improve dramatically in the rest of her life.

Return to Sender trailer

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