Absolutely Anything


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Main cast:
Simon Pegg
Robin Williams
Kate Beckinsale
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Rob Riggle
Eddie Izzard
Joanna Lumley
Terry Jones

John Cleese
Terry Gilliam
Michael Palin
Eric Idle

Director: Terry Jones

Genre: Comedy| Sci-Fi
Audio Tracks: English
Subtitle: No Subtitles
Rated: NC16
Release Date: 11/03/16
Running Time: Approx. 82 min

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Absolutely Anything Synopsis

Disillusioned schoolteacher Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) suddenly finds and uses the ability to do anything he wants, a challenge bestowed upon him by a group of power-crazed aliens watching him from space. As he struggles to deal with these new found powers and the events that subsequently arise, he calls upon his loyal canine companion and best friend Dennis (Voiced by Robin Williams) to help him along the way.

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