Paris Holiday 巴黎假期


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Main cast:
Louis Koo 古天乐
Amber Kuo 郭采洁

Director: James Yuen

Audio Tracks: Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese & English
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 24/11/15
Running Time: Approx. 112 min

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Paris Holiday 巴黎假期  Synopsis

Kit (Louis Koo) leaves Hong Kong to Paris with a broken heart to start a new page of life and the wine business. Through real estate agent, Lau Chung (Alex Fong), he finds a shared apartment with a weird tenant, Man (Kuo Tsai Chieh), a desperate artist undergoing a love failure.

Man has a deep hatred of men after a devastating break up, in order to get along with Man under the same roof, Kit pretends to be a gay guy. At the beginning, Man’s incredibly insane behaviour gets on Kit’s nerve, but after knowing Man’s heartbreaking past by chance, Kit decides to stay and teaches Man how to get out of love failure, this is exactly what he has encountered in his past. Kit also helps Man regain inspiration for drawing, Man gradually regains pace of life, the two become closer and closer and develop an intimate relationship.

One day, Man bumps into her ex-fiancé Fai (Jeremy Jones Tsui), she is shocked but surprisingly she has no longer felt any pain, she has really overcome the past relationship with the help and support of Kit. At the time when Kit and Man are going to move a step forward with no more obstacles, Kit’s ex-girlfriend comes to Paris and creates a lot of misunderstandings, the two are pulled apart again from each other…

在巴黎,女画家丁晓敏(郭采洁 饰)为帮男友徐晖(徐正曦 饰)实现艺术梦想甘愿停学打工牺牲自己,然而却惨遭抛弃,自此变得癫癫丧丧、自暴自弃。正巧,居家好男人林俊杰(古天乐 饰)受邀来到巴黎打理酒庄,阴差阳错下假扮成同性恋和丁晓敏同居一屋。为了帮助丁晓敏走出感情创伤,林俊杰体贴地照顾起她的生活……

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