All You Need Is Love 落跑吧爱情


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Main cast:
Richie Jen
Shu Qi
Ti Lung
Jiu Kung

Director: Richie Jen & Andy Luo

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Audio Tracks: Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese and English 

Rated: PG13
Release Date: 27/01/16
Running Time: Approx. 102 min

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All You Need Is Love 落跑吧爱情 Synopsis

This summer, get ready for a lighthearted romance between the wealthy Chinese writer Fenfen (Shu Qi) and the modest Taiwanese B&B owner Ah Wu (Richie Jen).

The story is set in the middle of the beautiful Pescadores Islands, where Fenfen leaves her protective home in China in search of the place that inspired the song that captured the heart of her late mother. Expecting the luxurious accommodations she reserved on the Internet, Fenfen is flabbergasted to find a crummy B&B kept by passionate Awu. Feeling duped, she demands to leave the B&B the next morning, only to lose her passport and belongings in the sea in the process. Forced to stay with Awu and his daughter and father, Fenfen has to test her boundaries in all aspects and eventually finds true love in the least expected place.



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