• ICAC Investigators 2016 廉政行动 (TVB Drama DVD)

    The series have been part of ICAC’s history since its infancy the first series of 13 episodes airing on Rediffusion Television in 1975. Corruption in Hong Kong at that time was endemic and pervaded all walks of life. Presenting its message in a cops and robbers dramatised form proved far more effective at delivering the message, that bribes and kickbacks were unacceptable, than just lecturing the populace. 由廉政公署与TVB联合制作的电视剧集《廉政行动2016》,全新一辑五集均取材自真实个案。有别于过往「廉政系列」剧集多以单元形式播映,《廉政行动2016》五集却有连贯性,幕后大旗手- 导演邱礼涛细谈构思。

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