Whatever It Takes 天子尋龍 (TVB Drama DVD)

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Starring: 陳浩民 Chan Ho Man、文頌嫻 Annie Man、楊怡 Tavia Yeung、麥長青 Mak Bau、 羅蘭 Law Lan、羅冠蘭 Lo Koon Lan、李國麟 Joseph Lee
Directed by: 張乾文 Zhang Qian Wen
Total Episodes: 1-20 (Complete Set)
Audio Tracks: Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles: Simplified / Traditional Chinese
Rated: PG
Studio: TVBI
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 2003
Production Year: 2001
Running Time: Approx. 44 mins per episode
No. of Disc: 4 DVDs 

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Synopsis 剧情简介


During the last few years of the Tang Dynasty, citizens were suffering from anarchic disorder. The Emperor placed his young son, Luther, (Chan Ho Man Benny), into a basket on the river in order to save him from Wu Zetian (Law Koon Lan). Luther was fostered by Lady Ko (Law LAn). Luther fell in love to Mo Yung Sute (Yeung Yi) so as his foster brother Ko Lik Sze (Mak Cheung Ching) did.

The Leading God in heaven realized the “Dragon Ball” was being covered with dust. He sent a goddness, Brigette (Man Chung Han), to earth to clean it. Unfortunately, she was sucked into the ball and Wu finally became empress. Years later, Luther recovers the “Dragon Ball”. Brigette somehow escapes from way. Accidentatly he realizes that he is the real prince….

Trailer 预告片

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