Meng Fei Comes Across 萌妃駕到 (TVB Drama DVD9)

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Starring: 金晨 (Gina Jin), 汪東城 (Jiro Wang), 夏一瑤 (Xia Yi Yao), 韓玖諾 (Han Jiu Nuo), 米娜 (Mi Na), 劉冠麟 (Liu Guan Lin), 劉蔚森 (Liu Wei Sen), 張海宇 (Patrick Zhang), 周斌 (Bingo Zhou), 賈清茹 (Jia Qing Ru), 遲寧寧 (Chi Ning Ning), 沈瑤 (Stephanie Shen), 陳德修 (Shumetheny Chen), 陳佳姸 (Chen Jia Yan), 高玉慶 (Gao Yu Qing)
Directed by: 邹集城
Total Episodes: 1-36 (Complete Set)
Audio Tracks: Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: PG
Studio: TVBI
Media Format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 21 April 2020
Production Year: 2018
Running Time: Approx. 45 mins per episode
No. of Disc: 7 DVDs 


Synopsis 剧情简介

To ensure her longevity after being admitted to the palace, Bu Meng (Gina Jin) keeps trying to do whatever she can to avoid other people liking her. She has adopted a “non-attention-seeking strategy”. However, Consort Yan (Xia Yi Yao), who is a fellow resident in Fanghua Palace, encourages her to become an attention seeker. Everybody regards Consort Yan as Consort Jinxed because she has survived being struck by lightning. She can never be an attention seeker. She wants Bu Meng to become the center of attention as she wants to turn Fanghua Palace around and also prove her life is worth living.

They then befriend attention-seeking Qu Wanwan (Han Jiu Nuo), aka Imperial Concubine Qu, who is a food lover and often cries. Qu Wanwan then moves into Fanghau Palace as her palace has been destroyed by fire. The trio bump into Noble Lady Xiao (Mi Na), whose minions do not listen to her. Noble Lady Xiao is a proficient fighter. Because of security issues in the Harem, Bu Meng and her chums decide to ask Noble Lady Xiao to protect them. Noble Lady Xiao eventually moves into Fanghua Palace. Fanghua Palace contingent is organized to help Majesty and other people handle problems and resolve issues. Because of Noble Consort Ru’s bullying and nonsense, Consort Yan persuades Bu Meng to join the attention-seeking camp to confront Noble Consort Ru. Majesty Wen Lou (Jiro Wang) often ends up speechless after being criticized by Censor Bu in imperial court. He decides to find his daughter Bu Meng and vent his anger at her. However, he is attracted to her unique personality as soon as he sees her. They keep quarreling and eventually become friends. They misunderstand and then gradually understand each other. They finally fall in love.

步萌(金晨飾)進宮後為了活得長久,一直在全方位掐滅自己受寵的可能性,積極“避寵”。可是與她同住在芳華宮的言妃(夏一瑤飾) 卻想激勵她去爭寵,因為言妃曾被雷劈而未死,成為大家眼中的妖妃,失去了爭寵的可能性,她想讓步萌得寵,好振興芳華宮,也實現自己的人生價值。

她們後來結交了愛哭愛吃又很想獲寵的曲婉婉(韓玖諾飾),後曲嬪的宮殿著火燒毀後,住進了芳華宮。三人一起,又遇到了被下人怠慢的驍貴人(米娜飾),驍貴人武功高強,由於近日後宮不太平,步萌等人決定拉攏驍貴人保護她們。驍貴人最終住進了芳華宮,芳華宮小分隊正式成立,一起幫助他人及皇上解決各種煩惱與問題。因為如貴妃的刁難與欺負,言妃勸說步萌加入爭寵大軍,與如貴妃對抗。 皇上溫樓(汪東城飾)在朝堂上時常被步禦史批評得沒話說,決定找他的女兒步萌撒氣,一見步萌卻被她與眾不同的個性所吸引,兩人互相拌嘴到成為了朋友,經過誤會及磨合,最終竟相愛走在一起。

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