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監製 : 文偉鴻
編審 : 林麗媚 梁恩東
演員 : 馬國明 唐詩詠 陳山聰 劉穎鏇 劉佩玥 江美儀 林子善
Audio: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese , English
Release Date: 1/6/2023
Rated: NC16
Number of Episodes: 30
Number of Disc: 6 DVD

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Synopsis 剧情简介


Kan Yiu-yeung (Kenneth Ma), Ku Ka-keung (Joel Chan), Kiu Po-po (Natalie Tong) and Kiu Tai-nam (Jazz Lam) were once CTRU’s Formidable Quartet. An incorrect decision in an operation caused the breakup of their friendship. And the quartet went their separate ways. Fast-forward to the present and an indiscriminate homicide again brings the quartet together. But there are still certain unresolved issues between themselves. POTT is Counter Terrorism Intelligence Cadre’s other elite task force. Team leader Fong Kwok-hei (Elena Kong) admires Po-po and asks her to become her subordinate. Team member To Siu-jie (Moon Lau) fancies her partner Yiu-yeung and finds out Po-po is Yiu-yeung’s ex-lover, so she “starts a war”. Successive explosions happen in the city. While investigating, Po-po asks prisoner-cum-hard criminal Dr. Hong’s (Ruco Chan) for help, and the process is surprisingly easy. Actually, Dr. Hong has some trick up his sleeve.


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