IN BED WITH A STRANGER 再见枕边人 (TVB Drama Blu-ray)

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主演: 马德钟 / 黄智雯 / 張曦雯 / 羅天宇 / 鄭俊弘 / 張國強 / 麥秋成 / 尹詩沛
导演: 廖晋硕
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese / English
Release Date: 12/06/2024
Rated: NC16
Number of Episodes: 25
Number of Disc: 2 Blu-ray

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Synopsis 剧情简介


In Hong Kong, family members of a missing person may apply for the person concerned to be declared legally dead after seven years. While production house boss Yeung Man-sum (Joe Ma) decides to forget his wife Koo Ching-tin (Mandy Wong), who has been missing for seven years, and marry his lovely and supportive girlfriend Chu Sin-mei (Kelly Cheung), his son Chi-hin’s birth mother Ching-tin astonishingly turns up! Due to some falling off a cliff accident, Ching-tin became forgetful and ended up homeless somewhere overseas. With lawyer Kim Cheung-sing’s (Joey Law) help, Ching-tin returns to Hong Kong after seven years. She wants to retrieve her old memories. Ching-tin again works as a journalist. She curiously finds out someone seemed to have harmed her when she went missing. Meanwhile, Man-sum is torn between his new love and wedded wife. And he is worried about Ching-tin recovering from amnesia as the situation could get out of hand.

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