Dead Ringer 叠影狙擊 (TVB Drama Blu-ray)

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主演: 黄宗泽 / 周秀娜 / 黄浩然 / 陈少邦 / 汤俊明 / 李忠希 / 莫家淦 / 张智轩
导演: 洪金泼 / 李文舜
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese / English
Release Date: 04/05/2024
Rated: NC16
Number of Episodes: 24
Number of Disc: 2 Blu-ray

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Synopsis 剧情简介

香港警察袁晟杰(黄宗泽 饰)因追查一起疑点重重的爆炸案来到新加坡,作为保险调查员的女友粱曦(周秀娜 饰)下落不明,而此时新加坡特警队队长魏晓晨(周秀娜 饰)正带领特警队,捣毁人口贩卖集团基地,并意外发现一具女性尸体,竟然是离散多年的孪生妹妹梁曦,晓晨悲痛欲绝,决心顶替妹妹身份,追查妹妹被杀真相的悬疑故事。


A brutal murder case causes twin sisters to be reunite again. Their life trajectories, which are like parallel lines, get intertwined. They exist in different realms when they meet again. Due to investigation into an explosion case, Hong Kong police officer Yuen Sing-kit reaches Singapore. His girlfriend Leung Hei, an insurance claims investigator, is missing. While cracking down on people smugglers, Singapore STAR Wei Xiao Chen discovers her younger sister Leung Hei’s dead body. Wei Xiao Chen’s sister’s tragic death causes her to recall her childhood memories. To catch the perpetrator and find the truth, Wei Xiao Chen goes to Hong Kong. She disguises herself as Leung Hei and investigates people around Leung Hei. When the conundrum is about to be deciphered, she finds out Leung Hei’s death had implications for other crimes. Wei Xiao Chen gets further from the truth as investigation progresses. The darkness behind the crimes is bottomless.

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