Big White Duel 2 白色強人II (2022) (TVB Drama DVD)

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DVD: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese / English
Release Date: 20 Sept 2022
Rated: NC16
Number of Episodes: 30
Number of Disc: 6

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Big White Duel 2 白色強人II Trailer

Big White Duel 2 白色強人II

公營醫院龍頭明成北醫院於院長楊逸滔(郭晉安飾)、副院長唐明(馬國明飾)統領下,核心部門神經外科、心胸肺科、急症室,譜寫着拯救生命的醫患故事。當年醫療改革方案失敗告終,逸滔並未氣餒,倡議《全面開放藥物名冊草案》,主張為罕見病患者以廉價提供藥物,卻受到腫瘤科專家葉晴(胡定欣飾)反對,她更空降至明成北出任院長,跟逸滔分庭抗禮。此時,前戰地醫生李文信(陳豪飾)加盟明成北團隊,聯同急症室醫生蘇怡(唐詩詠飾) 、神經外科醫生呂靄寧(張曦雯飾)等白色強者,將要應對種種危機……

With CE Yeung Yat-to (Kwok Chun On) and Deputy CE Tong Ming (Kenneth Ma) at the helm of the leading public health institution Marshall Paxton Hospital, core departments, namely neurosurgery, CTS and A&E, are writing life-saving medical stories. The failed medical reform plan had not in any way frustrated Yat-to, who puts forward Comprehensive Opening Up of the Drug Formulary Bill with the aim of providing low-cost medications to rare disease patients. However, oncologist Ip Ching (Nancy Wu) objects to his proposal, and she even goes against Yat-to as she is appointed as MarsPax CE. Meanwhile, former W.M.U. member Lee Man-shun (Moses Chan) joins the MarsPax team and collaborates with A&E Dr Zoe So (Natalie Tong), neurosurgeon Lui Oi-ling (Kelly Cheung) and other white knights in handling all kinds of critical situations.


Image Gallery 精彩剧照

郭晉安  Kwok Chun On
馬國明  Kenneth Ma
陳豪      Moses Chan
胡定欣  Nancy Wu
唐詩詠  Natalie Tong
張曦雯   Kelly Cheung
蔣志光     Ram Chiang
韋家雄   Willie Wai
徐肇平     Shaopin Tsui
姜麗文     Lesley Chiang

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