Bet Hur 赌城群英会 (TVB Drama DVD) Collector’s Edition

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‘Bet Hur’ is a TVB drama directed by famous film director, Wong Jing that revolves on revenge started from a lost in a gambling match between two masters. The revenge continues to the younger generations.


赌神六徒孙 狭路相逢
得罪富家子 祸害接二连三
密谋反击 意外发现盟友
为师报仇 求教绝世赌术

Product Information
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Number of episodes: 35
Number of dics: 6 High Definition DVD

Bet Hur 赌城群英会 Synopsis

Twenty years ago, in a gambling match between two masters, Heong Mo Ming suddenly appears to help his senior win and then disappears. The desire to avenge the loss plants the seeds for a longstanding grudge that extends to the next generation. Heong Mo Ming’s two disciples, Sze Dan Gor and Sap Sam Mui, used to be lovers, but they separated after a misunderstanding.

They each train disciples who are proficient invarious gambling techniques and skills. Chow Goon Jai, Chui Sui Man and Siu Sai Gor are taken in by Sze Dan Gor, while Sap Sam Mui carefully cultivates Sze Siu Dung, Ching Siu Bak and Wong Siu Nam. After multiple exchanges, Chow Goon Jai and Sze Siu Dung’s feelings for each other turn from loathe to love.

Later, they even combine forces to battle against the camp headed by To Dung Hoi and his son. Unfortunately, Chui Sui Man suddenly switches allegiances. Sze Dan Gor passes the baton to Chow Goon Jai. Although he secretly has the help of good friend Chan Siu Long, Chow Goon Jai cannot avoid the misfortune and is forced to step into the ultimate revenge battle with injuries. At this moment, Heong Mo Ming reappears…

是旦哥(陈百祥 饰)是一代传奇赌神胡三城(胡枫 饰)的徒弟,出师后,他亦收了三个徒弟OK仔(马国明 饰)、潇洒哥(何浩文 饰)和吹水文(黄浩然 饰)。施小东(佘诗曼 饰)带着程小北(高海宁 饰)和黄小南(文凯玲 饰)两位师妹前往神算子处帮老板锺叔(郭峰 饰)求教破解诅 咒之术,在机缘巧合之下遇见了OK仔等人,六人因为误会结下了梁子。
准备金盆洗手的是旦哥在一场意外中惹恼了富二代屠大宝(吴家乐 饰),无奈之下,师徒四人只得东躲西藏的来到了位于新界的一处小小村庄内,在此再度遇见了施小东一行三人,两波人马在相处的过程中渐渐消解了误会。与此同时,OK仔在误打误撞之中识破了屠大宝的父亲屠东海(李国麟 饰)的阴谋。


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