Airport Strikers 機場特警 (TVB Drama DVD9)

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Starring: 張振朗 (Owen Cheung), 楊明 (Mat Yeung), 蔡思貝 (Sisley Choy), 湯洛雯 (Roxanne Tong), 黃子恆 (Hugo Wong), 關禮傑 (Eddie Kwan), 鄧佩儀 (Gloria Tang), 黎振燁 (Jackson Lai), 王梓軒 (Jonathan Wong), 朱敏瀚 (Brian Chu)
Directed by: 陳耀全
Total Episodes: 1-25 (Complete Set)
Audio Tracks: Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: NC16
Studio: TVBI
Media Format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 09 May 2020
Production Year: 2018
Running Time: Approx. 45 mins per episode
No. of Disc: 5 DVDs 


Synopsis 剧情简介

Fresh-faced police officers Cheung King-san (Owen Cheung), San Hoi-ching (Sisley Choy), Ho Si-wa (Gloria Tang) and Wu Kwun-chung (Brian Chu) apply to join Airport Security Unit (ASU) due to different reasons. The quartet manage to survive drillmaster Man Wing-keung’s (Eddie Kwan) boot camp and become ASU officers after graduation. King-san and ASU CIP Cheung Chun-hak (Hugo Wong) just keep antagonizing each other. Sergeant Ma Yung-yi (Mat Yeung) often plays the role of mediator between the duo as he understands they cannot stand each other. King-san encounters air hostess Yu On-na (Roxanne Tong). They readily become lovers, but they have trouble getting along. King-san gradually has some kind of subtle feelings for his female colleague Hoi-ching. While on duty, they witness scenes of joy, sadness, reunion and separation. They also get involved in near-death situations. They eventually understand the true meaning of the mission of ASU. However, disaster is looming, causing the team to become embroiled in an unprecedented predicament.


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