The Unholy Alliance 同盟 (TVB Drama DVD) Collector’s Edition

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The Unholy Alliance is an action crime-thriller television drama created by Jazz Boon and TVB.

Boon has described The Unholy Alliance as a Mission: Impossible-style action thriller that features modern martial arts, including MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga and gun fu. It stars Nina Paw, Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu, Kwok Fung, Jimmy Au, KK Cheung, and Elena Kong. The Unholy Alliance follows a modern Hong Kong crime family, led by the matriarch Ling Hung (Paw).
《同盟》是由《城寨英雄》原班人马打造,陈展鹏、胡定欣、鲍起静、姚子羚、陈山聪等主演。 该剧讲述了运动好手高子杰在垦丁被一群杀手施袭,后独自回港查出真相,并牵引出一连串恩怨情仇的故事。

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Product Information
Rated: PG
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Number of episodes: 20
Number of dics: 4 DVD

Surfer Ko Tsz-kit and his adoptive mother Mei run a B&B in Taiwan. Yuen Ching Yan who appeared as an agile backpacker meets Tsz Kit while biking on the same lane and then when she is supposedly harassed by drug addicts at the beach, where Tsz Kit happens to teach surfing lessons, Tsz Kit saves her and brings her back to their B&B.

Ching Yan would eventually be living with them including she convinced Mei and Tsz Kit to also let her help out Tsz Kit with teaching surfing lessons for a reduced rent price living at their B&B and even began to help out with servicing their customers at their B&B business. Very soon, their B&B becomes ambushed by assassins and then to Tsz Kit’s surprising terrifying reaction…



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