The Promise 天上的約定 (Korean Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

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The Promise / Heaven’s Promise is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Lee Yoo-ri (in a twin role), Seo Jun-young, Park Ha-na and Song Jong-ho.《天上的約定》是由《今天開始我愛你》全雨盛導演執導與《天國的眼淚》許寅茂、金妍信作家合作打造的日日連續劇。主要講述一個開朗善良的女子遭心愛之人背叛,媽媽和女兒以及雙胞胎妹妹間接被害死後,偽裝成雙胞胎妹妹嫁給仇人的弟弟之後向他們一家進行復仇的故事。 劇中李幼梨(又譯:李宥利)一人分饰两角,同时出演一对双胞胎姐妹李娜妍和白道熙。两姐妹的性格截然相反,李娜妍性格温柔、爱情至上;白道熙则是一位刻薄高傲、难以接近的报社记者。

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Love Denied by Death
The Promise Made Upon the Heavens
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The Promise 天上的約定 Synopsis

As the proverb goes, “The apple does not fall far from the tree,” the mother, who was unloved by her parents, sacrifices everything she has for the man she loved, but she gets betrayed. No matter how much she loved him, she ends up as a single mother just like her mother. Her daughter, watching her mother’s life closely, decides not to live like her. However, those who betrayed her trample the lives of the two women. The mother and daughter can do everything to achieve their goal even if they have to hurt other people.

And, this is their greed. They should get paid enough for what they have done. The daughter is so depressed that she has got nothing to lose, she has her last chance. Her twin sister, adopted by the rich family when she was a baby, passes away and she gets her place after that. She stays close to the mother and daughter and slowly she destroys their life.

Yet, it is their matter of wanting to. The daughter gets hurt by her mother’s trap. Watching her daughter bleed, the mother finally realizes what she has done. This story is about the betrayal of the loved ones and the meaning of true love. And, while the saying, “What goes around comes around,” is true, the main message of the story is that sincere love always wins.

《天上的約定》是由《今天開始我愛你》全雨盛導演執導與《天國的眼淚》許寅茂、金妍信作家合作打造的日日連續劇。主要講述一個開朗善良的女子遭心愛之人背叛,媽媽和女兒以及雙胞胎妹妹間接被害死後,偽裝成雙胞胎妹妹嫁給仇人的弟弟之後向他們一家進行復仇的故事。 劇中李幼梨(又譯:李宥利)一人分饰两角,同时出演一对双胞胎姐妹李娜妍和白道熙。两姐妹的性格截然相反,李娜妍性格温柔、爱情至上;白道熙则是一位刻薄高傲、难以接近的报社记者。

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Product Information
Starring: Lee Yuri (李宥利) | Suh Jun-Yeong (徐俊英) | Song Jong-Ho (宋鍾鎬) | Park Hana (朴荷娜)
Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 Korean | Mandarin
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Release Date: 7 March 2018
Disc format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Number of episodes: 102
Number of dics: 12 High Definition DVDs


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