Save the Family 守护家族 (Korean Drama DVD)

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What is the present situation of family in this era? Family is our root and the most faithful and dependable value. Nevertheless, family is dissolving due to unemployment, poverty, divorce arising from economic crisis. Thus, family ends up driving us into the deepest despair. This drama features varied types of family to illuminate if we are doing our duty as parents or children. 本剧由在熙、姜星、李辉香、郑慧仁和朴孝珍等主演,主要讲述了祖辈、父母、孩子三代之间关于责任感和道理的故事,主要集中在家人之间的矛盾与和解过程。是一部温馨感人的家庭伦理剧。

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Save the Family 守护家族 (Protect the Family) Trailer 精彩预告
Technical Information
Format:  NTSC
DVD:  DVD-9 Dual Layer
Video:  Mpeg 2
Audio:  Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels:  2
Language: Korean / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Region code:  All Countries
Special Features:  Interactive Menus, Scene Selections
Release Date: 08-August-2016
Number of Discs: 12 DVDs
Number of Episodes: 123


Save the Family 守护家族 (Protect the Family) Synopsis 剧情简介

Woo-Jin (Jae Hee) is an ambitious doctor. After he failed in love, he no longer believes in true love. He views marriage as just a business. Hae-Soo (Kang Byul) works as an assistant chef. She dreams of getting married to the right man and having a family. Woo-Jin soon falls in love with Hae-Soo. He comes into conflict with love and ambition.
《守护家族》 又名《最好的家族》 讲述了出人头地有理想的急诊室外科医生郑宇镇(在熙饰),与医院食堂助理李海秀(姜星饰),及快餐连锁企业本部长高艺媛(郑慧仁饰)守护亲情、爱情的曲折故事。 其故事主要集中在祖辈、父母、孩子三代之间又关于责任感和道理。 本剧是由在熙、姜星、李辉香、郑慧仁、朴孝珍等主演。

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