Oh My Ghost Oh 我的鬼神君

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Main cast:
Park Bo-young
Jo Jung-suk
Kim Seul-gie
Lim Ju-hwan

Director: Yoo Je-won

Total Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Comedy, Fantasy
Audio Tracks: Mandarin & Korean
Subtitle: Chinese & English
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 24/3/16
Production Year: 2015
Running Time: Approx. 960 min (16 Episodes)
No. of Disc: 4

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Technical Information

Format: NTSC
Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer
Video: Mpeg 2
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels: 2
Format: NTSC
Region code: All Countries
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections

Oh My Ghost   Oh 我的鬼神君 (Oh My Ghostess) Synopsis

An occult romantic comedy, <Oh My Ghost> follows a timid young woman who becomes possessed by the ghost of a lustful virgin female ghost. She will romance a haughty chef who does not believe in the existence of ghosts.

Bong-Sun (Park Bo-young) is a self-conscious young woman who works at a restaurant run by Kang Sun-Woo (Jo Jung-suk), a famous and talented chef. Her grandmother worked as a shaman for a long time and as a result, Bong-Sun can communicate with ghosts. She has had a huge crush on her boss but she was never able to express her feelings. One day, she is possessed by a lustful ghost who has never experienced love. The ghost, name Soon-Ae (Kim Seul-gie), is promiscuous and flirtatious. Sun-Woo notices the sudden change in Bong-Sun and he becomes more and more curious about his sous chef.



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