Daughters-in-Law 媳婦的全盛時代 (Korean Drama DVD)


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Starring: Kim Ji Hoon (金智勳) | Lee Soo Kyung (李水京) | Song Seon Mi (宋善美) | Jang Hyun Sung (張鉉誠) | Seo Young-hee (徐令姬)
Language: Korean | Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese & English
Rated: PG
Release Date: 2008
Disc format: NTSC
Number of episodes: 1-52 (Complete Set)
Number of discs: 12 DVDs


Daughters-in-Law 며느리 전성시대 媳婦的全盛時代 Synopsis

This “action drama” portrays the eventful life of an extended family: a stubborn grandma, a bluffing father, a mother with long-harbored ulterior motives concealed behind her ostensible obedience, a son who has been spoiled by his mother as the only child in the family, and a daughter-in-law who makes a hasty decision to get married. By targeting families, this drama interprets family and marriage issues in a heartwarming and hilarious way through the lives of three generations of daughters-in-law. It presents viewers with an opportunity to make their own choice between a woman who learns many good things from conservative family values instead of criticizing them and as a result becomes wiser, and a woman who makes a wrong choice and gets entangled in a turbulent family relationship but receives a chance to deny reality and choose her own path.

這是一套講述21世紀新時代的年輕職業女性在出嫁後,在丈夫家與傳統的婆婆在文化方面發生的衝突,從而引起一連串趣事的家庭劇。趙美珍(李水京 飾演)是一個富家女,在服裝公司工作的新職員,嫁給李福修(金智勳 飾演)後,她不僅要適應婚姻生活,還要面對傳統的婆婆,處理好她們之間的婆媳關係。

Daughters-in-Law 며느리 전성시대 媳婦的全盛時代 Trailer


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