Infernal Affairs 無間道 (TVB Drama DVD)

Jiang Zi Dan, a Chinese police officer, is sent to Hong Kong to go undercover as a triad member. The same triad sends Wei Jun Xuan as an informant into the police force, to finish what his predecessor had failed to do. 《无间道》是由由梁家树监制,洪金泼、梁国斌执导,王阳、罗仲谦、朱锐、苏丽珊、罗嘉良、廖碧儿、刘松仁等主演。讲述了江子丹亲眼目睹好友意外坠楼,为解开谜团卧底于香港胜联组织中,与警督韦峻阴差阳错有了纠葛,从而不得不卷入黑白纷争的故事。此剧根据香港电影《无间道》电影故事系列的后续,内容与电影版无关。
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Product Description

「三年之後又三年」,今次喺三日之後!黑警再次出現?! 江湖又風腥血雨? 呢個人嘅身份係黑定喺白? 係揸fit人定係警隊高層?!

Product Information
Rated: NC16
Date of Release: August 2017
Audio Tracks: Cantonese | Chinese
Subtitle: English | Chinese
Number of episodes: 36
Number of dics: 9 DVD


Infernal Affairs 無間道 Synopsis

Him Law is a Probationary Inspector in the Hong Kong Police and aspires to be the fastest promoted Inspector in history. During a drug raid, he encounters a suspect, Edmond Leung. Seeking to avenge a personal matter, he allows Edmond to overdose on drugs. Later, Him finds out that Edmond died and feels extremely guilty. He is only able to slowly recover with the help of psychologist Jolie Zhu.

Mainland cop Wayne Yang, nicknamed “Bullet”, comes to visit his friend Edmond, only to discover that he had fallen to his death after overdosing on drugs. Bullet is greatly surprised by this and believes that it is impossible. He resolves to find the truth to prove his friend’s innocence. Soon after, Bullet discovers that Edmond’s death is related to a drug network operated by the Hong Kong triads. The drug network is colluding with foreign drug cartels to open up the vast Mainland market! Bullet immediately notifies the Hong Kong Police. The Mainland and Hong Kong police join forces to destroy the cross-border drug network.





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