Renai Neet – Wasureta Koi no Hajimekata 戀愛NEET (戀愛尼特族) (Japanese Drama DVD9)


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Starring: Yukie Nakama 仲間由紀惠, Kuranosuke Sasaki 佐佐木藏之介, Mikako Ichikawa 市川實日子, Kento Nagayama 永山絢鬥, Shigeru Muroi 室井滋
Directed By: Mahoko Takanari, Yuuki Ōsawa, Akio Yoshida, Takayoshi Tanazawa
Total Episodes: 1-10 (Complete Set)
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: English and Chinese
Rated: PG
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: 3
Release Date: 2012
Production Year: 2010
Running Time: Approx. 54 mins per episode
No. of Disc: 2 DVDs 

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Synopsis 剧情简介

木下凜(仲間由紀惠 飾)是已經保持“無男友記錄8年”的32歲單身女性。她雖然相貌姣好,卻忘情工作中,是壹個已經完全遠離戀愛的“戀愛NEET”。她生性好強,又有著代替去世的雙親照顧弟妹的責任感,壹直認為戀愛“很可笑”。 故事主人公是包括凜在內的6個大齡未婚男女。他們或是長久沒有戀愛、或是避免與異性深交、或是已經徹底放棄了戀愛,這樣壹群男女因為偶發事件卷入了戀愛戰爭。面對最不擅長的戀愛中的各種局面,他們歷經苦戰,最終獲得了成長。 故事中3位男士雖然看似有財有貌有包容心,卻分別是奉行不結婚主義,對戀愛毫無自信,不相信女人的戀愛NEET。在此,他們與凜以及她的兩個朋友,想結婚卻不想妥協的奔四女子,覺得自己作為女性即將完蛋的奔三女子,展開奇妙戀愛追逐。

Nakama Yukie plays the role of Rin, who works at a publishing company and is someone who has not dated in 8 years. She has been too busy working and looking after her siblings after their parents passed away. Her colleagues and boss consider her “difficult” to handle because of her strong-willed personality. One day, she goes to her best friend’s “divorce celebration” with Nanako who lives in the same apartment. There, she meets Matsumoto, a dentist, Tada, a researcher at a food manufacturing company, and Shunpei, a part time worker. Few days after the party, all three of them contact her but she has been out of the dating market for so long, she does not know what to do..

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