Breakout Brothers 逃獄兄弟 (DVD)


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Starring: Patrick Tam 谭耀文, Louis Cheung 张继聪, Adam Pak 栢天男, Justin Cheung 张建声, Kenny Wong 黃德斌, Jeana Ho 何佩瑜, Christine Ng 伍詠薇, Stephen Wong 黃祥興
Directed By: Mak Ho Pong 麦浩邦
Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 Cantonese & Mandarin
Subtitles: English and Chinese

Rated: NC16
Studio: Shaw
Media Format: NTSC
Region Code: All Countries
Release Date: 26 July 2021
Production Year: 2020
Running Time: Approx. 90 mins
No. of Disc: 1 DVD

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Synopsis 剧情简介

慣犯陳浩正 (張繼聰 飾) 一直以度假心態,享受牢獄生活。一天母親突然病發,只有浩正出獄捐腎方能為母續命。浩正懇求「笑面虎」鄧獄長申請假釋外出,豈料鄧獄長正值升職時期,深怕有意外狀況,故拒絕申請。浩正急於出獄救母,決定聯同監獄新囚麥建天(栢天男 飾)策劃逃獄行動。二人發現如要計畫成功,必須巴結監獄最大勢力-滾筒(譚耀文 飾)。滾筒與建天早有結怨,要他協助根本是天方夜譚。沒想到滾筒為了外出見證女兒的婚禮,決定協助二人,條件是把他帶上。

三個互不相識的囚犯,合作密謀籌備一個難若登天的逃獄計畫。建天利用專業建築知識摸透獄中建築結構,計畫逃走路線;浩正則以熟練的神偷技能,將越獄所需工具一一偷到手上,更肩負起開鎖責任;而滾筒更以其獄中勢力,掩蓋一切越獄行徑,整個籌備行動過程驚險萬分,亦趣事頻生。中秋當晚,正是行動之時,三人除了要小心不被鄧獄長發現,更要抗衡監獄另一大惡勢力刀疤(張建聲 飾)的騷擾,才能成功逃獄。

Chan Ho Ching (Louis Cheung) has been a petty criminal all his life and actually somewhat enjoys his life in prison. On a day like any other, he learns that his mother is severely ill, and he’s the only one who can save his mother’s life by donating his kidney. He begs warden Tang to let him out on parole so that he can help his mother, but warden Tang is not willing to take that risk, as he’s aiming for a promotion. Ho Ching is desperate to save his mother, and decides to join forces with new inmate Mak (Adam Pak) to plan a prison break. In order for the plan to work, they have to befriend the most powerful man in the prison, Big Roller (Patrick Tam). Big Roller had a previous aggrievance with Mak, but in order to attend his daughter’s wedding, he agrees to join forces with them.

Three prisoners who did not know each other at first, plan a prison break together. Mak uses his architectural knowledge to plan an escape using the building structural plans; Ho Ching uses his pick-pocketing skills to obtain whatever tools they need; and Big Roller uses his influence within the prison in order to cover up their escape route. In the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is their planned date of escape, they must not let the warden discover their tracks, but they also have to go against Scar (Justin Cheung), another powerful prisoner who is set to jeopardize their plan.

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